måndag 29 augusti 2011

A brand new start in a house with a history

Em ok. 
Let me introduce myself. Im Amanda. Im 18 years old. I lived in sweden until I was 12, when my family and me moved to our little pink townhouse in the south of Spain. I am now back in the city where i spent my childhood years to study art in a school situated in a 250 year old house. Its cellar has all these amazing brick arches and its a few degrees cooler than the other school. And even though im usually terrified by these sorts of old time basements (I say i don't believe in ghosts, but, well, i do. Sometimes.), I'm just as fascinated by them. For example, this basement used to belong to a motorcycle gang some years back, and there are still some works of graffiti that reminds us students about who used to roam about in these halls. And just above it, on the first floor I have my very own corner to imagine and create godknowswhat. 
I just started today, and i think its going to be a pretty great year.